on Friday, May 22, 2009

I got up early this morning. Insted of working out, I sat down and started on my midterm. I am absolutely determined to get this done before leaving tomorrow for camping!!

We had a rather interesting assembly at school today and afterwards a few of us staff members decided we would go hang out at one of our coworkers houses to start off the weekend right. I had a blast !

I had a snack attack after work. I opened up a new jar of almond butter!!

Ezekiel bread with almond butter and a bannana and the other with plain butter! YUMMO!!

Do you reconize this canister. Two days ago it was filled with watermellon. It is already gone!! Can you believe it the hubs and I ate through an entire watermellon in 2 days!! EEK! It sure was yummy!

I am going to snack on this while continuing to work on my motivation class midterm!!

I am off but will be back tomorrow before I head up to the in-laws for camping this weekend. Hope you all have a wonderful friday!

I was also looking at another website that is giving away blog makeovers!!! Wouldn't that be awesome!! you should check it out!! they have some awesome recipes and tips as well!!

See you tomorrow! I'm off to my midterm!!


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