on Thursday, May 21, 2009

I woke up this morning to see a 10 page midterm sitting in my in box!! yeah, for lots of work! URG!!

However, I jumped out of bed and got my cold lunch ready because I knew it would be a fun day. Today, the entire class I work with went on a field trip to the capitol. We had roughly 80 people. It was a blast. The kids were well behaved, the tour guides were interesting and we got to enjoy the BEAUTIFUL day outside. Here are some fun pics to show you my day. One of my students captured my camera so these are from the view of a student :)

I do think Wisconisin has one of the most beautiful capitols. It is just breathtaking at night from over one of the lakes!
A flower bed dedicated to those that have served!

This is lady wisconsin who sits on top of the capitol she is pointing " forward" to Washington D.C.

Another view of the monument and the capitol. you can see lady wisconsin on top of the capitol!

No pics for the eats today.
I had some yummy stuff though:

*my usual oats with a little bigger portion since we were on the trip and no snack!

* almond butter and jelly on ezekiel cinnimon raisin bread
*yogurt covered pretzels

*2 HUGE bowls of watermellon ( the watermellon I bought yesterday is 3/4 gone already! HOLY COW!!)

*ravioli with alfredo sauce
*cheese, salami, and crackers!!

Yeah for a wonderful day out in the sun!! The kiddos wore me out today so I will be hitting the sack early tonight!!

One last thing: Angela is having a giveaway! Go over and check it out! She also had some great discussion yesterday that you may want to check out as well!

Have a great night all!!


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