Is it summer yet??

on Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I think we skipped spring and went directly into summer this year. It was 88 degrees in good old Wisconsin today. 88 degrees, that is hot, even for cold blooded me. I love this weather. However, my hubby does not. He wants to turn on the AC which I HATE!! I HATE it with a passion actually. I DO understand the need for AC during some of the really hot days but we just got over winter can't we enjoy the warm weather a little before you turn my apartment into a freezer again. Why oh why did I marry a warm blooded man?!?

o.k. I digress.

This morning I tried something new with my oats. I added some chocolate pb. My local grocery store grinds their own peanut butter straight from the peanuts ( ha, you didn't know that was where peanut butter came from did you? I'm a smart one I tell ya :) Well, they added some chocolate to a batch and it is delicious. So I have seen some of my other blogger peeps add some to their oatmeal.

The verdict: It was disgusting!!! I guess it's just not for me. I choked down some of it since I was eating it on the way to work and that's all I had to eat for breakfast. Needless to say, I found it rather nasty and did not finish it all. Thefore I had a larger snack! Pic of the choc. peanut butter below. However, this is really good on right off the spoon. SO I will have to try to eat it on some ezekial bread at a later date :)

After work, I went to the grocery ( I should really only do this once a week because I spend WAAAAAY to much money!!) This is the loot. It all looked so yummy!!

* watermellon
*3 pears
*3 apples
* strawberries

The dry goods included( well kinda):
* sunflower seeds
*clif bars
*rasberry vinigrette
* some choc. pudding
* yougurt covered pretzels
*dried fruit
* sour cream
* cheez it's ( for a recipe)

I tend to let things go to waste if I don't prepare it right away. I know it's really bad. So i chopped everything up right away. I realized that in my fruit salad I forgot to add the strawberries. I didn't remember until I was typing this post and saw the picture. I will have to add them later. I am so excited about the watermellon that I didn't want to add it all into the fruit salad. hence, the large container and small container of watermellon ( the small container has some muskmellon as well)

This was Dinner. I steamed some broccoli and cauliflower. The cheez-its and sourcream were for the chicken on the plate. I covered the chicken with sourcream and then dipped them in crushed cheez-it's. They were very yummy!!

I also had a side of fruit salad. I ate so much and am Stuffed!!!!

I will be set for a while.

Today I was reading Caitlin's blog today and she was talking about fat talk. I do struggle with this and am really trying to fight this. Her post truly talked to me today!! So for the challenge. Things I love about my body

* I love that it get's me through my crazy schedule everyday
* I love my curves
* I think I have great shoulders


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