Terrific Tuesday ?!?

on Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Well, Kinda....

After my long weekend with the in-laws, I am excited to be back home. I think we are actually going up there again this weekend to go camping for memorial day weekend and I love hanging out with them but it was sure nice to be home!! I have a few pics of my weekend and today food!

My lunch today included

* Spinach


* Feta cheese




* rasberry vinigrette

My dinner last night was simple. I had two pieces of ezekiel cinnimon raisin bread with almond butter and bananas on top. SO YUMMY!!!

and 1 piece with butter!!

When I got home from work today... I opened the mail to find a Vickies magazine. Although I love their stuff but I was thinking how this is why us women always feel so inadequate. I am looking at these pictures of these gorgeous women with impeccable bodies! It's so infurating to me. I find that I am automatically comparing my body to theirs and saying I want a flat stomach like that. It's so wrong because it's just not realistic! My hubby loves me just the way I am! Why can't I accept the same thing??
Do you ever feel this way??
How do you help combat those feelings??


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