Happy Birthday to me!!!

on Thursday, April 16, 2009

So today I am 24!!!!

I did work at my second job and am finding it very rough lately. I don't know what is happening as I have always enjoyed it ( not LOVED it but enjoyed it) So as I was frustrated I was making plans for the future in my head. So my goal is to finish my bachelors degree and then I can save up a little( or a little more than a little) money and then I can be done with my second job. I have worked here for 4 years and hopefully by the end of 2010 I will be done. I only have 11 more classes to take and then I am finished with my bachelors degree. We all need goals right! Personal and professional so this is my goal and my light at the end of the tunnel!


So My birthday is wonderful! My hubby left me a super cute card. I had to work at 5 am but my mom called me at 4:58 to wish me a happy birthday and have been getting calls ever since!

(((( I feel so loved)))

No food recap today (I was not good at all)

The Hubbster and I went to a local mexican restraunt and I enjoyed a margarita and we are now off to watch a movie!!


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