busy! busy! busy!

on Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I can't even explain how busy I am! Do you ever feel like screaming or feel like you are being ripped in every possible direction?!?

Ya... that's me.

on my plate right now I have:

*1st job (40 hours)
*2nd job (15-20hours)
* 3 credit class in 8 weeks
* planning bacholorette party
*put offer in on house !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
* interpreting freelance job friday evening.
*prep for freelance job!
* sister called and wants to go dress shopping on sat!

I am so stressed out! There is so much to do and so little time!

These are the invites i am working on for the bacholorette!

a couple pieces
more pieces

dresses put together

These are so cute! I hope the bride loves them. I will show you a final product when I am done.
Right now I am off to eat, do the dishes and hit the sack since I work 16 hours tomorrow ! EEEEK!


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