so this is how it feels..

on Thursday, May 14, 2009

to not work two jobs!!!

I was supposed to work my second job tonight but my boss man graciously gave me off because of my strep throat!

Which I am toatally thankful for because when I got home from my "real" job I was wiped out and needed a nap!! Working so many hours and going taking a class was driving me a tad bit batty so I took off 2 weeks at my 2nd job which will hopefully help my attitude at my 2nd job over the summer. I really pick up the hours during the summer and I would preferably like to be sane during that period!

no pics again today! Sorry! I will try to get back to that tomorrow!!
I have to see if I can find my camera after the weekend and the big sickness so we will see if I can find it!

For breakfast I had

1 cup quaker oat squares
1/2 cup skim milk

for a snack around 10:00 Ihad a 1/2 of a kid's clif bar!

I was feeling full so I didn't have the other half but by 12:15 at lunch I felt really shaky so I will try to better tomorrow

lunch was part of a sub, a muffin, some puppy chow and a choc chip bar. Yeah it's teacher appreciation week!

For supper Iwill having some Annie's mac and cheese YUM!!

My throat is feeling mucho mucho better!! Although you should all pray for me at night. When I lay down I begin to cough and wake myself up. I start to suck ona cough drop and I always fall asleep with it in my mouth. It's a miracle I don't choke on it! I am really going to try not to do that tonight! we will see!!

I'm off to eat and head to bed early. Imay even be brave enough to attempt a workout tomorrow. we will see what Ifeel like tomorrow morning ( It may not be a brilliant idea as Iget tired walking up the stairs at this poing :)


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