from the views of a 4th grader....

on Friday, May 29, 2009

Today we went on a field trip to the.....

Wisconsin dells The waterpark capitol of the world!!! Except we didn't do the waterparks instead we did . The

H.H Bennet photography museum. This man was absolutely amazing and some of the photography equipment he developed is in the smithsonian institute.

It was so amazing that this man started everything with his camera and now it's this huge tourist attraction and it's so close to home!!

All of the following pictures are taken by one of my 4th grade students.

The first picture was an example of what many pics were :) but the rest are good!

Some of H.H. Bennet's office

Some of his photography

I loved this pictures. I love the women with the umbrellas in the row boats.

Ahhhhh! how times have changed.
This is one of the boats we took! looks a little different then the other picture I showed doesn't it!

Some scenery!

This is unfortunately where my battery died so you don't get to see the rest of the trip but it was absolutely delightful! The kiddos were well behaved and it was a wonderful sunny day in WI!
I dont' have any pics of food day ( remember my camera died)
But I am eating soem meatball subs that the hubby made with a huge side of watermellon YUMMMMMY!!!
I am trying to write a paper and head off to bed as I work my second job from 6-4 tomorrow. Then I am off to the dells againto find some stuff for an upcoming bacholorette party I am planning!! WOOT WOOT!!!
See you tomorrow!!


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