Lazy afternoons...

on Saturday, April 25, 2009

well not too lazy...
The rest of my afternoon contained me working out, talking on the phone( Grandma ended up having surgery and is out and doing well) I have been cleaning the spare bedroom which is wonderful!

Ihad breakfast for dinner which included1 egg and 2 pieces of ezekial raisin bread and 1/2 glass of milk(which I didn't touch)

This was my pre-work out snack pb and a banana with water

I did P90X Legs and back and did the AB Ripper. I have a feeling I am going to be a hurting woman tomorrow.

Here are the stats:

Time:1 hour 18 minutes

Zone: 20 min

Avg HRM: 116

Max HRM:151


My desert for the night was pears!! YUM!

Look, It's still raining! Imagine that! I hope the thunderstorms continue tonight because I love sleeping in thunderstorms. How about you??

I'm out for tonight. I got the book " Intuitive Eating" from the library and want to climb into my Super comfy bed and read :)


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