I Can do it.. I can do it.. I can do it..

on Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I have worked out 3 out of 3 days so far this week! Pretty good huh!!

I have been a very very bad girl. I have not been working out at all lately and am trying to get back on track! Sometimes this is very hard. I sometimes feel like if I don't try then it's not my fault if it doesn't happen. However, I am Maid of Honor in two upcoming weddings. One of which is coming up in 4 count them 4 months!! YIKES!! I didn't have to have my dress altered all on the top and am hoping the if I get my butt in gear that I will beable to get it altered in 3 months. Only 3 months! That's not very much time at all!! But I can do it ! I know I can!

I CAN DO IT!!!!!


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