on Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dont' worry, It's only Strep!

I had an extremely busy weekend. My sister graduated from college! WOOOT!!

On my way home, I started to feel really awful ( went to sleep with 2 pairs of socks, sweatpants, teeshirt, sweatshirt and 3 blankets) and by monday morning there was no way I was going to work. Yesterday about noon I was feeling as if I may have strep so I called in to get an appointment. They could not get me in until 6:30 at night at urgent care!

Since Ihad flulike symptoms I had to wear a mask and be seperated from the rest of the patients. After I had the 10minute strep culture it came back positive and was able to get antibiotics ( can everyone say HALLELUIA!!!)

After sleeping for a few hours and finally showering I feel like some sorta human being again today! YAHOO! I am hoping to go to work tomorrow but that may be stretching it!

The funny part of it all was the Doctor was so excited that I didn't have H1N1. She really thought I had the flu even though I kept saying I feel exactly like I did when I had Strep last time. She actually came into the room and said " WOOHOO, I am so excited for you , you only have strep"

I had to laugh even though I felt so awful that I was not feeling even remotely excited! Funny doctors!!

I have had some funny symptoms. I have been sweating profusly. I look like I have been swimming, I am so soaked. this coming from a girl that does not sweat easily ( sure when I workout) . I also have no appetite. I am going to try to eat something tonight because Ihave basically ate nothing for the last 48 hours. (slaps self on wrist) This does not help the no energy situation!


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