Come out, come out, wherever you are..

on Sunday, April 26, 2009

Oh yeah, I know where you are.... in my bed.

I went into my bedroom to grab somthing around 2:00 and what do I find a kitty still in bed. however, he has moved because he is now turned around:)

Low and behold around 4:00 he decided to come out and sleep on the couch instead :) Sorry it's blurry :(

For dinner, I had some peas, baked beans and sweet potatoe with a little brown sugar.

NEW SHOES!!! I love getting new workout stuff. I used these to do the workout dvd Kenpo X and stretching!
My stats were:
time: 1 hours 32 minutes
Avg hrm:107
max hrm:166
cal's burned:497

This is for Erin, She asked what the recipe was for my pancakes the other morning. Ha, not so much of a recipe. They did come out of a box but were very yummy. This is what I used :)

That's it for tonight!!


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